How to get your Staker referral QR code

No doubt about it. The Staker app is the best thing since sliced bread for HEX, and some might argue, for crypto even.

You might have seen Hexicans showing off their Staker app referral QR codes on Twitter and Youtube, and you’re wondering to yourself — I want to get my own, but how?

The old school way works too


  1. Download Staker app for iOS or Android
  2. Open the Staker app, click the Home tab at the bottom and select the drawer icon on the top left corner of the screen
  3. Sign in with Google or Apple if you haven’t done so

4. Select Referrals and tap copy to copy your referral link to the clipboard

5. Visit QRCode Monkey

6. Under ENTER CONTENT, paste your referral link

7. Under SET COLORS, customize the color scheme of your QR code. Click Create QR Code to preview. The HEX colors for the gradient are #FF00FF, #E58E2F, #DB2D72, #FFDC00 if anyone is interested. (Suggested by Great_Hexpectations)

8. Under ADD LOGO IMAGE , add your desired logo

9. Under CUSTOMIZE DESIGN, customize the Body, Eye Frame and Eye Ball Shapes. Click Create QR Code to play around till you achieve your desired result.

When you’re happy with the result, click Download PNG to save your creation. Remember to scan the QR code with your phone to test it out.

iOS Developer. 3 x 70.3 Ironman. Crypto enthusiast. Sat Chit Anada.

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